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🌿 Gardening is your passion, but the strain on your knees and back can sometimes dampen the joy  🌿

👋 Your Ticket To Pain-Free & Enjoyable Gardening 👋

As an older woman, gardening has become challenging, but this product has been a game-changer. The ergonomic design provides both comfort and support, allowing me to tend to my plants without straining my knees or back. Flipping it to a seat is a breeze, and the sturdy construction ensures my safety. It's like having a trusted gardening companion. Highly recommended for fellow garden enthusiasts looking to make their gardening experience more enjoyable and pain-free.

Anne, S ( Burwood, NSW) 

About our Gardening-buddy and benefits 

Thanks to Gardening-Buddy you are able to rest your body in a comfortable kneeling or seated position. Be busily involved in your garden while comfortably relaxed on a generously padded platform! It is a clever, soft kneeler made from robust steel tubing with a soft raised kneeling platform and accessible pockets on the sides to place your tools - it supports 150 kilos. It is perfect for all ages and garden enthusiasts. It's easy to assemble and fold for easy storage!


✅ Relieve The Constant Pressure Put On Your Lower Back 

✅ Easy To Get Up And Get Down On Knees  

✅ A Must Have Tool For Any Garden Enthusiast!

✅ Spend More Time With Your Garden With Full Comfort

✅ Lightweight & Durable - Supports Up To 150KG

✅ Can Be Used In Daily House Work

✅ Foldable Design Ensures Easy Storage & Transportation

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

✅ Australian Owned & Operated   

✅ 100% Customer Satisfaction

Long terms knee and back issues

The back and knees are true workhorses of our bodies, but it’s difficult to remain a thoroughbred forever. As time takes its toll, or as we lose core strength, our backs can become achy and sore.
To compensate for a sore back, you may find ways of adjusting your posture or gait to relieve pressure.

By using Gardening-Buddy you can take the pressure off your back, you are applying it to the knees and other parts of your body while doing gardening 

Shipped from our warehouse in NSW and VIC + FAST AND FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE  
Customers can enjoy FREE DELIVERY on this item within Australia.



Material : Stainless steel  + EVA mad

Dimensions : 65 x 27 x  49.5 cm 

Capacity : 150kg 

Package Includes : 1 x Gardening-Buddy + 2 x Side pouch + Small Gardening Tools                                           


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