ClearReach-Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

$114.99 $230

Introducing the ClearReach Telescopic Gutter Cleaner: The Ultimate Solution for Spotless Gutters! 

Are clogged gutters causing you headaches and costly damage to your home? Say goodbye to the hassle and risk of climbing ladders with our innovative telescopic gutter cleaner. Designed to make gutter maintenance a breeze, ClearReach is the ultimate tool to keep your gutters clean and flowing smoothly.


Join thousands of satisfied customers who have bid farewell to the frustrations, uncertainties, and worries of gutter maintenance. Regain control over your home's well-being with the ClearReach Telescopic Gutter Cleaner 

Crafted from premium aircraft-grade aluminum, ClearReach offers a distinctive curved end and a powerful high-pressure nozzle that effortlessly flushes away leaves, debris, and grime from your gutters.  ClearReach features an adjustable telescopic wand, extending from 40 to 70 inches (1.05m - 1.75m), along with a 180° rotatable jet spray nozzle, enabling you to effortlessly clean your gutters from ground level.

ClearReach isn't just about functionality—it's also about convenience. Our quick-connect system enables effortless assembly and disassembly, so you can spend less time setting up and more time getting the job done. The compact size allows for easy storage, making ClearReach the perfect addition to any homeowner's toolkit.

Benefits & Features of ClearReach-Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

✅ Effortlessly clear debris with our 180° Rotatable Jet Spray Nozzle

✅ Adjustable Telescopic Wand (up to 175cm)

✅ Stay Safe & Avoid Accidents While Maintaining Your Gutters

✅ Conquer hard-to-reach Spots With Ease & Precision

✅ Set Up In Seconds For Instant Gutter Cleaning Convenience

✅ Lightweight & Portable for effortless Maneuverability

✅ Save 1,000's By Eliminating The Need For Professional Gutter Cleaners

✅ Risk Free - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped From Aus

Multi-Purpose Use 


Package include 


Feel safe with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia's leading garden suppliers, try it and if you are not happy and found issues with products that includes receiving damaged product, missing parts, or not receiving full product, we will give you a full refund. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. 


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